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Folder Gluer ANKA650-C Series

2021-08-25 09:04:48
Folder Gluer ANKA650-C Series
Detailed introduction:

Application Range:

SETECH Automatic Folder Gluer ANKA650-C, applied to complete cardboard folding and gluing with printing quality inspection, is specially designed for package manufacturers of food, wine, tobacco, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and light industry products. Modular design of this machine makes it easy for function upgrade to run lock-bottom boxes, 4 or 6 corner boxes, as well as many other odd and complicated cartons without changing the original machine structure.

Main Features:

Modular design to benefit function upgrade in the future

High inspection accuracy, 5-minute job change and sample modeling

Max running speed up to 400m/min, max inspection speed up to 270m/min

Imported belts, bearings, motors and the key electronic components from Germany, Japan and Taiwan

Mechanical position indicators and high speed electronic kicker counting system are applied

Air-cylinder controlled pneumatic pressing system applied for perfect gluing effect

Self-design and approved for more than 10 patents and CE Certificate

Technical Parameters:

Max. sheet size650x500mm650x500mm650x500mm
Min. sheet size126   x 55mm126   x 55mm126   x 55mm
Max. inspection size600*500mm600*500mm600*500mm
Min. inspection size90*70mm90*70mm90*70mm
Max. running speed400m/min 400m/min 400m/min 
Max. inspection speed270m/min270m/min270m/min
Machine dimension15.5×1.7×1.7m17×1.7×1.7m17×1.7×1.7m
Machine weight  6T6.5T6.5T
Total power23kw23kw23kw
Applicable stock rangeCardboard 250-800g, corrugated paper up to E corrugated
Applicable carton typeStraight line and double wall cartonsStraight line, double wall, and lock bottom cartonsStraight line, double wall, lock bottom, 4 corner, and 6 corner cartons

Inspection accuracy (When the defect contrast is over grade 40)

Regular printing defects≥0.3mm²

Foil stamping defects ≥0.3mm²

Print misregistration ≥0.2mm

Die cutting misregistration ≥0.2mm

Gravure blade streak with height ≥0.2mm, width ≥ 0.15mm and length ≥15mm

Local color variation ∆E≥3∆Elab

  Straight Line Carton


    A       mm(in)126-650(5.0-25.6)

  B       mm(in)55-800(2.2-31.5)
  C       mm(in)55-340(2.2-13.4)
  D       mm(in)8(0.3)
(**Need to install a small box folding device)
 Double Wall Carton


  A       mm(in)160-650(6.3-25.6)
    B       mm(in)160-650(6.3-25.6)
    C       mm(in)30-100(1.2-3.9)
    D       mm(in)-
 Lock Bottom Carton


  A         mm(in)150-600(5.9-23.62)
    B         mm(in)  120-650(4.7-25.6)
    C  min. mm(in)40(1.6)
    D  min. mm(in)30(1.2)
    E  min. mm(in)65(2.6)
    F  min. mm(in)28(1.1)
4 Corner Box


  A       mm(in)150-500(5.9-19.69)
  B         mm(in)150-650(5.9-25.6)
  D         mm(in)30-100(1.2-3.9)
 6 Corner Box


  A       mm(in)280-500(11-19.69)
    B       mm(in)160-650(6.3-25.6)
    D       mm(in)30-100(1.2-3.9)


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