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Visual Inspection Machine GARUDA300Q

2021-08-11 16:38:09
Visual Inspection Machine GARUDA300Q
Detailed introduction:

Application range:

Shun Yi tag quality inspection machine GARUDA300Q/3020Q is suitable for batch counting of small single cards such as clothing tags, battery back cards, product labels, etc., reading and testing of one-dimensional codes and two-dimensional codes, mixed goods testing, and conventional printing quality defects Single-sided inspection and rejection of unqualified products are the first choice for intelligent production customers. 

feature of product:

Convenient operation, only 5 minutes to change orders

Maximum detection speed 60m/min

Belts, bearings, motors and key electronic components are imported from Germany, Japan, and Taiwan

Compact structure, small footprint

Technical Parameters:

machine typeGARUDA300Q
Maximum paper size300×180mm (W*L)
Minimum paper size38×40mm (W*L)
Maximum detection size100×100mm (W*L)
Minimum detection size40×40mm
Maximum detection speed60m/min
Applicable paper weight150~550 g/m2
Overall size1.5×1.5×0.8 m
Machine weight350 kg
Total power2kw
Detection accuracyOne-dimensional code and two-dimensional code mixed goods, repeated codes, wrong codes and missing codes, etc.

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