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Visual Inspection Machine SE600Q

2021-08-13 12:00:15
Visual Inspection Machine SE600Q
Detailed introduction:


   Application range:

    The SE600Q/800Q/1000Q single sheet quality inspection machine is suitable for printing quality inspection of medicine packets, cigarette packets, wine boxes, cosmetic boxes, and food packaging. It can accurately identify variable information errors such as one-dimensional codes and two-dimensional codes. Effectively detect printing defects such as overprint deviation, die cutting deviation, embossing deviation, missing varnish, hot stamping defects, film damage, local color difference, drawing lines, scratches, stains, etc.


feature of product:

Modular design is conducive to later upgrade and installation

Belts, bearings, motors and key electronic components are imported from Germany, Japan, and Taiwan

High detection accuracy, only 5 minutes for changing orders

Maximum detection speed can reach 270 m/min

Independent research and development, won more than 10 national intellectual property certificates and EU CE certification


Technical Parameters:

Machine model




Maximum paper siz

Minimum paper size126×55mm126×55mm126×55mm
Maximum detection size600×500mm800×500mm1000×500mm
Minimum detection size90×70mm90×70mm90×70mm
Maximum detection speed270m/min270m/min270m/min
Jog speed20m/min20m/min20m/min
Operating Voltage380V380V380V
Total power18kw20kw22kw
Maximum gas consumption 0.7m3/min 0.7m3/min 0.7m3/min
Applicable Products

Folding cardboard, white cardboard, coated paper, gold and silver cardboard, laser cardboard

Overall size9.5×1.7×1.7m9.5×1.7×1.7m9.5×1.7×1.7m
Machine weight5T5.5T6T
Imaging accuracy

Direct front station ((4K CCD color camera)

Regular printing inspection system: 0.158mm×0.12mm

Front oblique shot station (8K CCD monochrome camera)

Laminating & Embossing inspection system: 0.079mm×0.12mm

Area array inspection station

Area-array inspection system: 0.067*0.067m

Defect detection accuracy

(When the defect contrast is greater than 40 levels)

Conventional defects Regular printing defects≥0.3mm²

Bronzing defect Foil stamping defects ≥0.3mm²
Overprint deviation Print misregistration ≥0.2mm

Die cutting deviation Die cutting misregistration ≥0.2mm

Pull wire: height≥0.2mm or width≥0.15mm, length≥15mm

Gravure blade streak with height ≥0.2mm, width ≥ 0.15mm and length ≥15mm

Local chromatic aberration Local Color Variation ∆E≥3∆Elab

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